The 3 Super Powers of Successful Job Seekers:  Stand Out Above Your Competition

The 3 Super Powers of Successful Job Seekers: Stand Out Above Your Competition


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The 3 Super Powers of Successful Job Seekers: Stand Out Above Your Competition

Are you tired of getting rejected in the job search? Or not hearing anything back at all?

In this on-demand program you'll learn:

  • How to contact hiring managers and make the best first impression on them.
  • Out-of-the-box job search tactics guaranteed to place you head and shoulders above the other candidates.
  • Expert advice rarely shared by other career coaches.
  • Proven strategies that'll blow the cookie-cutter strategies out of the water.
  • How to create a professional portfolio and how to present it to potential employers.

As a result you'll:

  • Win interviews!!!
  • Have your pick of job offers.
  • Be in the enviable position to negotiate a higher salary or better benefits.
  • Already be on track for promotion within the first year.
  • Receive a free copy of the e-book Foolproof Strategies for Acing the Interview that includes additional interview tips and advice.


  • "A specific tactic in this program turned out to be a pot of gold! It was the best hidden secret for winning job interviews." J.S.
  • "I feel blessed to already be more prepared for my job search. For the first time, my perspective has changed from having to prove I can do the job to simply showing why I'm the right choice for the job. Those are very different things and understanding that will directly impact my approach to the job search, making it much more successful." Kyonda P.
  • "This program gave more insight into more advanced interview techniques. It looks at the process of the interview and where in that process you can get the advantage over other candidates. It definitely goes beyond the interviewing tips you can find out there!" Karen L.

Register for this on-demand program to learn proven job search strategies that go above and beyond less successful cookie-cutter approaches. (Save when you purchase the bundle.)

Episode 1: 3 Super Powers
  • Super Powers handout.pdf

  • E-book: Foolproof Strategies for Acing the Interview

    This small book is a collection of my blog posts I’ve written over the past three years specifically on the topic of interviewing. It serves as both a stand-alone resource and a supplement to my on-demand program, Steps to Acing the Interview and Reducing Interview Anxiety. Though the book is small, it’s packed full of job interview tips and advice to help you improve your interview skills and reduce your nervousness and anxiety about job interviews. Implementing these tips will dramatically increase your confidence and increase the number of job offers you receive. This book also includes links to a variety of additional resources designed to help you improve your interview skills.