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The paNASH bundle package includes a FREE resume critique, all 6 programs plus the 2 BONUS programs (22 video clips), and all 16 downloadable handouts + a free copy of the Personal Branding e-book (a $630 value) for a TOTAL SAVINGS of $235!

You'll learn how to:

  • Get unstuck and get out of your rut.
  • Overcome obstacles standing in the way of your goals.
  • Make the best decisions for your life and career.
  • Create a resume that lands you more interviews or more potential clients.
  • Network in a way that feels more natural and is more effective than answering job ads or making cold calls.
  • Correct what you've been doing wrong in past interviews or sales presentations.
  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Increase your income.

As a result, you'll get:

  • The confidence and freedom to pursue your passions.
  • More success in your life and your career.
  • A better understanding of how you add value to the world.
  • More job opportunities.
  • Stronger connections.
  • Better job offers.
  • Less stress and anxiety in the interview process.

For details and client testimonials, see the individual descriptions for each program.

Don't Just Set Goals, ACHIEVE Them!
Episode 1: Discovering Your Passions
  • Don't just set goals, ACHIEVE them.pdf

Personal Branding: How to Know What Makes You YOUnique and AWEthentic
Episode 1: Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Handout - Branding Exercises.pdf

  • Personal Branding e-book

    The e-book version of this video course series.

Resumes That Get You the Interview
Episode 1: What You Need to Know
  • Handout - paNASH Resume Makeover Guide.pdf

  • Resume e-book "Get Your Resume Read!"

    Free e-book with purchase of on-demand program. Includes additional resume tips and advice from a compilation of paNASH blog posts on the topic of resumes.

Episode 2: What Resume Format Is Best for You?
  • Handout - Sample Chronological Resume.pdf

  • Handout - Sample Skills Resume.pdf

  • Handout - Sample Targeted-Hybrid Resume career change.pdf

  • Handout - Sample Targeted-Hybrid Resume executive level.pdf

  • Handout - Sample Short Version Resume.pdf

Episode 3: What to Include on Your Resume
  • Handout - How to Write a Professional Summary for a Resume.pdf

Episode 4: How to Word Your Experience
  • Handout - Guide to Writing Accomplishment Statements.pdf

Episode 5: Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out
  • Handout - How to create links to sections within a resume.pdf

The Secret to Successful Networking
Episode 1: Who, What, When, Where, Why
  • Networking handout.pdf

  • E-book: Secrets to Networking With Ease and Confidence

    Free e-book with purchase of on-demand program. Includes additional networking tips and advice from a compilation of paNASH blog posts on the topic of networking.

Steps to Acing the Interview
The 3 Super Powers of Successful Job Seekers
Episode 1: 3 Super Powers
  • Super Powers handout.pdf

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